Welcome to Blackness Bay Distillery, Linlithgow

Find joy in every dram

Find joy in every dram

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Blackness Bay Distillery, where time-honoured tradition meets a novel take on what it means to be an independent whisky distillery.
Nestled on the shores of the enchanting Firth of Forth, our distillery stands proudly as the oldest building in this historic castle village.

Our Blackness whisky & rum distillery and adjoining pub/restaurant, The Lobster Pot, offers the perfect day out for anyone who wants to learn about the art of distilling, while savouring the taste of our artisan spirits

Enjoy a full
sensory experience
at Blackness Bay

A distillery tour for fun seekers

A distillery tour for everyone

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Our Blackness Bay distillery tours are not your run-of-the-mill whisky excursions. While we know whisky is a serious business, we believe that distilling should be engaging

Our tours offer a full sensory, exciting and original experience for visitors to Linlithgow.

Great food, delightful whisky and rum, book your tour now!

Book your whisky adventure today

Book your tasting tour today

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So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a journey of laughter, history, and, of course, exceptional spirits with Blackness Bay Distillery.
Book your distillery tour today and discover why we’re not just a distillery – we’re a way of life.
Don’t miss out on the most off the wall distillery experience in Scotland. Join us at Blackness Bay Distillery, where every sip is a toast to eccentricity!
A man in traditional attire holding a drink, with two images in the background: one of an interior room with barrels and decor reminiscent of distillery tours, and one of a lush green garden with stone buildings.

Dive into the history of Blackness and the ancient craft of distilling